Apr 9 2019

Is it RN, BSN or BSN, RN

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Is it RN, BSN or BSN, RN, NEF2.COM

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Is it RN,BSN or BSN,RN

this is silly and i should know, but i dont. i just graduated and passed boards. how are supposed to write your credentials, if you are an RN with BSN?

Does it really matter? I honestly didn’t care when I was a new graduate. Even as I graduated from my BS program I thought that the extra time was a waste of money. (Exception- unless you want to be an officer in the military.) A good bedside nurse doesn’t need a BS. She/he needs experience. A BS is good for nurses who don’t really want to do hands on nursing. Administration. The nurses who can make rules and more and more paperwork for us nurses doing the real nursing. Those who without the real experience make our job harder than it needs to be. Less and less time with the patient and more and more time on paperwork and the computer.

Fine, sorry, congrats on getting a Bachelor’s in Nursing. Use it well.
Take care of your patients. Care for them like they were your family.
Good luck to you. Don’t ever think you are any better than another nurse who does not have a BS. Forget about your letter order.
Your human resource dept will take care of that when they make your ID.

When you sign orders, write nurses’ notes, you sign your name only with RN after, you don’t use your degree. Your license to practice nursing is what matters, not the coursework you chose to enable you to take the licensure exam.

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