Apr 11 2019

5 Free File Hosting

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5 Free File Hosting, REMMONT.COM

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Hey Guys, as you know canonical is shutting down its Ubuntu One Cloud Storage so i was looking for alternative file sharing sites which allowed hot/direct linking and gave permealinks for files and found these 5 Free File Hosting sites with direct linking /hot link support

Yes, your favourite Cloud-Storage / Dropbox .com Supports Direct Link / Hot Link on Files Uploaded to it, it can be easily done by modifying the shared / Download URL by tweaking it a bit, Head on to this Post to know the trick in detail, Trick to Obtain Direct Link of Dropbox file in short in this trick we are simply replacing with and that s it, and for simpler purposes You can use our all in one multi Direct Link Maker CloudLinker v2.0 to Generate DirectDownload/Share URLs for hosts .Files stored on Dropbox account remain active as long as the account is not deleted! is a new Entry in the Cloud Storage Family, but its easily and quickly leaving its competitors behind and taking the lead. After you upload your file through drag and drop or by file uploader on or you get a shared download page URL for a file uploaded on simply right click on the highlighted Download Link and Copy the URL/Copy Link Address, it will be the direct Download URL for your file,as shown in the figure – Direct Download Link Trick is one of the fastest growing Cloud Storage, it provides 15 GB of Storage Space for Free. and yes you can use it for Direct/Linking and Hot Linking too, in a similar way as we did with Dropbox. we just have to remove www and /s from the url e.x*** making it*** to make the Shared File URL into downloadable one. but it consists of some steps, i highly recommend using our CloudLinker v2 tool or refer this post for Direct Link Generation

When you visit this site for the first time please don t go on the looks, just upload your file through the simple uploader and you ll get a URL for sharing. Now Go to The File Sharing URL and go to shared folder option, you will see your uploaded files, Now right click on the Copy Link Adddress, it shall be your direct Download Link which you can easily share..or you can click your uploaded file to download it, and copy the URL from which it got downloaded is the newest entry to the Cloud Market, And Provides Free 100GB of Storage Space for everyone. also it provides Direct Link to the files stored on the Cloud, Steps to generate direct download links from ozibox are Sign-Up for an account on login and upload your file through the upload button, and download your own file on your browser/IDM. Now Copy the Recent Downloaded URL from IDM / Google Chrome Downloads tab, and this will be your direct download link for your file /shareable to everyone.!

As Promised Earlier i have Updated CloudLinker to v2.0 which Now supports all the Five Hosts Mentioned Above, you simply have to enter the Shared /Sharing URL provided by the host and it will generate the Direct Download URL for you, which you can add to your posts/ share with your friends.

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