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Real Estate Branch

Resources for Condominium Developers, Condominium Managing Agents, & Condominium Hotel Operators

Developing a condominium project can be a complex undertaking with sizable amounts of documents and disclosures required. General information on the condominium process, compensation to the Commission’s consultants, forms, developer memorandums, owner occupancy requirements, and non-binding informal interpretations for developers are all available for your convenience. The process for condominium hotel operators to become registered is also detailed with the provided forms.

Please visit our frequently asked questions for more information.

Condominium Project Registration

  • So You Want to Go Condo? (October 2016) (PDF)
    Overview of what Condominium Property Regimes are and the registration process for Developer’s Public Reports
  • Developer’s Public Reports/Association Biennial Registration
    Online search for condominium projects’ Developer’s Public Reports and current association biennial registration information
    Information for the 1/1/2019 effective repeal of HRS, Chapter 514A.
  • Developer Memorandum & Informal Non-Binding Interpretations
    Commission interpretations and developer memorandums on development, advertising, owner occupancy, bonding, and other issues.

  • Looking for the most recent declaration, bylaws, or map? Please visit the Bureau of Conveyances
  • Condominium Informational Email Subscription List
    Informational emails on a variety of topics including development changes and reminders

    Condominium Project Forms

    • 514B, HRS, Project Registration Forms
      (form fillable) – Includes the Document Checklist, Receipt of Developer’s Public Report, Nonbinding Preregistration Agreement, Notice of Right to Cancel Sales Contract, Notice of Right to Rescind, Notice of Material Change, Project Questionnaire, Leasehold Exhibit
    • 514B, HRS, Amendment to Developer’s Public Report Form
      (form fillable)
    • 514A, HRS, Project Registration Forms – Currently Repealed, Do Not Submit
      (form fillable – revised 08/08/16) – Includes General Information, Public Report, Contingent Public Report and Condominium Association Information Update form)
    • Request for an Extension of the Effective Date of a chapter 514A, HRS, Developer’s Public Report – Currently Repealed, Do Not Submit
      Real Estate Commission Memorandum dated November 5, 2004 (including a sample of the developer’s affidavit required for a two-apartment project requesting a “non-expiring” effective date for the developer’s final public report).
    • Other Condominium Forms


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