May 16 2020

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O by oscar de la renta


Voluptй ( 1992 ) by Oscar de la Renta

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To my nose and on my skin this begins harshly with a dry and acrid note. This may be the tagete – why bother, I ask.

It quickly settles down to a heart of a slightly sweet and heady white floral melange, which smells to me very synthetic, a bit plastic. The vanilla and sandalwood notes that support it do nothing to efface this effect.

Not awful, but not entirely pleasant. I sampled the pure vintage parfum. I note the edt goes for pennies, so the quality of the oils used cannot be very great.

Pleasant enough for a drug store quality fragrance.

Review for vintage EDT:

This bottle is truly striking in person, very art nouveau, with clean lines and a nice heft. The cap on the 1.7 oz splash bottle is a touch strange, as the angled form needs to be twisted until it sits perfectly flush. However, the seal seems to be quite good once it is fit properly, and I’m not seeing any leaks, despite there being no threads on the stopper.

My skin tends to eat florals, and my initial application left me wondering where the famed Volupte power was. A second application, trailing from wrist to elbow brought enlightenment.

To my nose, Volupte opens with bitter narcissus very much forward, supported by osmanthus. Where osmanthus frequently has a suede like scent to me, and occasionally smells of plums, this osmanthus reminds me strongly of apricot fruit leather- dense, more tart than sweet, distinctly tangy. The sillage, for some reason, reminds me of buttered toast. served first thing in the morning, with tea, and apricot preserves (osmanthus) eaten sitting in the sunshine. I’m not sure where this accord is coming from, but it is quite distinct, and surprisingly joyous.

The heart opens slowly, after more than an hour. Soft, sweet mimosa, faint LoV, the slightest touch of carnation appear. Then jasmine and cyclamen move forward, supported by the fantasy peony note. Throughout this phase the fantasy freesia note is present, but not plasticky, adding a sense of “gloss” to the scent. Eventually a touch of tuberose shows up, demure, almost shy, very unusual for this note.

In the dry down heliotrope and melon step forward, supported by sandalwood and a touch of incense. Start to finish, I would classify Volupte as cheerful, surprisingly fresh, and thoroughly unexpected. The very sweet notes are carried by the almost herbal, very green, bitter narcissus base. The fruits are not the sugared versions that have been prevalent for the past decade, but rather tart. The floral elements are blended with a beautifully light touch, and the sweetness they bring is glorious, and never overwhelming.

I had expected Volupte to be heavy, a cool weather scent. Instead this is one of the most light filled scents that I have encountered, serenely joyous, energizing, the sort of scent that reminds you to stop and experience the world around you. Volupte, to my mind, is not so much about voluptuousness in the sense of sex appeal, but rather the voluptuousness of fully experiencing the world around us, dwelling in the present, and mindfully engaging with the multitude of stimulation all around. For me, Volupte is a meditation retreat in a bottle, perfect for those times when you can’t disappear for a week, but you really need a break.

This is a go to scent! On my skin it needs warm weather to really be apparent in all it’s glory, but it is wearable year round, and I think it will be a wonderful anodyne to winter blahs. Elegantly casual, effortlessly chic. I feel like this is the perfect scent to wear when one isn’t sure what note to hit, but needs to impress. Tremendously versatile, and a joy to experience.

Luscious, spicy violets with carnation, rose, freesia, heliotrope and amber very present in the mix, gradually fading into a sandalwood and patchouli base that retains the floral notes as well. I love this, and imagine it on a confident, feminine woman, most likely in a sultry tropical climate or mood. Vivid, colorful, and very sexy!


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