May 16 2020

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Oscar de la renta pink collection


Oscar de la Renta History

Oscar de la Renta Brand Profile

O scar de la Renta, the master couturier. He is all things glamorous, all things royal, and all things Latin. The man, the label, makes women feel beautiful even on their worst days. His years of training and wisdom brings us to a dream world where it is acceptable to skip down fifth avenue in a ball gown embellished with a summer meadow real enough to smell. He is my escape and his house is my dreamland, for all of this and all you do, thank you Mr. de la Renta.

Oscar de la Renta Fashion Brand Timeline:

  • Fun Fact: The OSCAR fragrance is still a best seller in 70 countries.
  • 1980- Oscar de la Renta fragrances created its first men’s fragrance Pour Lui.
  • 1990- Mr. de la Renta receives the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • 1991- The design house is the winner of the Fragrance Foundations Perennial Success Award.
  • 1995- Mr. de la Renta is the recipient of the Living Legend Award from the American Society of Perfumes.
  • 1999- The fragrance, Oscar for Men was launched.
  • 2000- Oscar de la Renta receives the CFDA Womenswear designer of the Year.
  • Fall 2001- Oscar de la Renta accessories introduced in runway shows (this includes handbags, belts, shoes and jewelry, and ipad clutches).
  • 2002 – Oscar de la Renta Home collection is launched. This collection is based on 3 themes: city, country and island. These themes come from Mr. de la Renta’s homes in New York, Connecticut and Dominican Republic.
  • Oscar de la Renta first started with furniture and home fragrances. Today this collection includes tabletop, fabrics, bedding, rugs and wallpaper.
  • The latest fragrance from Oscar de la Renta, Intrusion for women, was also created.
  • 2004- Retail division of Oscar de la Renta is launched. The first freestanding store is opened on Madison Avenue in New York City. Dominican Coral stone and high gloss white are used throughout the boutique to give an ultra elegant, finished look.
  • O by Oscar de la Renta was a sportswear line for the masses that had pieces for under $100. Line was on Hiatus for quite some time.
  • 2006- The first Oscar de la Renta Bride collection is launched. This collection offers romantic, stylish bridal looks and stylish accessories such as veils, shoes and bags.
  • 2007- Oscar de la Renta is the co-recipient of the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year.
  • 2008- Retail division expands globally. Stores open in Madrid and Athens. This marks the tenth international location for the global retail division
  • Fun Fact: Madrid special sentiment to Mr. de la Renta because he started his career there in the 1950’s sketching for EISA.
  • Today- The house of Oscar de la Renta is still one of the leading design houses in the world. Mr. de la Renta has brought many of his family members into the business. His son-in-law Alex Bolen operates as Chief Executive Officer, stepdaughter Eliza Bolen serves as Vice President of Licensing, and his son Moises de la Renta works in the Design Studio.

Celebrity Fans:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Beyonce
  • Barbara Walters
  • Laura Bush

The House:

  • President: Maria Viccaro
  • Designer: Mr. Oscar de la Renta
  • Owner: Mr. Oscar de la Renta
  • Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Giuseppe Celio
  • Chief Executive Vice-President and Director of Strategic Planning: Alex Bolen (Son-in-Law) from 2004-present


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