May 17 2020

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Rent a House vs Apartment

Should I rent a house or an apartment? helps you decide.

When you consider the dilemma of whether to rent a house vs apartment, provides some factors to evaluate that may help you make a decision.

Renting a house has some real advantages that you might want to consider. A house is a single family dwelling that gives you the privacy of being the only tenant or tenant family. You have much more flexibility when renting a house as far as size is concerned. If you need a lot of square footage for a large family, a house can be the perfect solution. A house often also has the added benefit of having a garage and private parking.

One of the advantages of renting a home involves pets. Some apartments allow small pets, but do not allow pets over 20 pounds. If you have a large dog, it can be almost impossible to find an apartment that will accept them. You may be able to find a house for rent that accepts pets and even has a fenced back yard so they can go outside without being on a leash.

Renting a house can give you the opportunity to live in a suburban neighborhood with a place for children to play. With a house, there is almost always a yard and a landlord is usually happy to let you plant flowers and possibly a garden. You do have to remember to get the landlord’s permission in writing prior to making any changes to the landscape. Bear in mind that any trees or bedding plants that you plant will become the property of the landlord.

One of the disadvantages of renting a house is the cost. It is almost always more expensive to rent a house that is the same size as an apartment. Of course, the amenities that come with renting a single family dwelling may be well worth the cost to you.

Another disadvantage of renting a house is that there is always the possibility that your lease may not be renewed at the end of your lease term. There is no guarantee that a landlord will not put the house on the market to sell at the end of the lease.

Bear in mind that, with a bigger home and more space, your utility bills may be higher. You might be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the yard and that will add to the cost of the house. You are also likely to be responsible for snow removal.

If you are wondering how to rent a house, first determine the area in which you would like to live and do a search of that area. There are a variety of online sources to find rentals including Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, Vast, Trulia, Oodle and more. For information about a potential landlord, check out some of our services available at

Renting an apartment has advantages and disadvantages too. Apartments generally rent for less money for the same amount of square footage that you could find in a house. Apartments are low maintenance. The grounds are maintained for you with regular mowing and snow removal. Many times an apartment will have amenities that are attractive including pools and club houses. Some large apartment complexes have planned activities for the tenants or will let you reserve the clubhouse for parties or groups. Large apartment complexes will also frequently have playgrounds for children.

Apartment complexes have professional management which includes on-call repair services that are easily available. Also, if you need assistance with a problem neighbor or any other issue, there is someone on-site to handle the problem for you.

The size of the space available in apartment can be a disadvantage depending on your needs. Apartments seldom are available with more than two bedrooms and usually have strict rules about the number of children that can reside in the unit.

More often than not, only pets that weigh below 20 pounds are allowed. Large pets are seldom accepted. When you live in an apartment, you usually do not have a yard where you can let your dog out. You must take your dog outside on a leash and immediately clean up any mess the dog makes. Also, if your dog frequently barks, and disturb the other tenants, you can be evicted.

Another thing to consider when renting an apartment is that there is a certain lack of privacy. When you have adjoining walls, and units that frequently face each other, you must be much more considerate of the volume of your television, music player or computer. Also, finding parking close to your apartment can be an issue, unless there is designated parking for your unit.

This is a general pros and cons list for you to review when you ask yourself, “should I rent a house or apartment?” When you look at your situation, and consider the way you want to live, you will be able to choose the best fit for your lifestyle. One of the best things about renting either a house or apartment is that if you decide you want to make a change, you are only obligated for the term of your lease agreement. Take a look at the Renters Guide to get more information about whether to rent a house vs apartment.

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